NCDM Board

Mayor Sly James, President

City of Kansas City, MO


Sly James has served as Mayor of Kansas City since 2011. Mayor James enjoyed a successful legal career prior to his election and developed a record of success as a coalition builder and advocate. As Mayor, he focuses his efforts on four core areas: Education, Employment, Efficiency, and Enforcement. Born and raised in Kansas City by hardworking parents, his childhood laid the foundation for his commitment to ensuring quality education for all children, regardless of their background. 


Mayor Nan Whaley, Vice President

City of Dayton, OH

Nan Whaley was sworn in as Mayor of Dayton in 2014. She previously served two terms on the Dayton City Commission, and became the youngest woman ever chosen for a commission seat in 2005. Dedicated to promoting manufacturing in Dayton, Mayor Whaley founded the Manufacturing Task Force, a regional effort to support a strong manufacturing workforce. She is also committed to making Dayton friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists. An Indiana native, Mayor Whaley attended the University of Dayton and has lived in the city ever since. 


Mayor Eric Garcetti, Vice President

City of Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles native Eric Garcetti was elected Mayor in 2013, following three terms on the Los Angeles City Council. He served as President of the City Council from 2006 until 2012. Prior to his political career, Mayor Garcetti taught classes on International Affairs and Diplomacy at the University of Southern California and Occidental College. Accomplishments from Mayor Garcetti's first term include raising the minimum wage, passing a bold transportation plan and developing initiatives to house the city's homeless population. 


Mayor Michael Hancock, Vice President

City of Denver, CO

Denver native Michael Hancock was elected Mayor of Denver in 2011 and re-elected to a second term in 2015. He previously served as a Denver City Councilor, including two terms as Council President. As Mayor, Hancock has worked to streamline city government, promote job growth and improve downtown Denver. His development efforts are expected to generate 30,000 jobs over the next 20 years. 


Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, Vice President

City of West Sacramento, CA

First elected in 2004, Christopher Cabaldon is currently serving his fourth term as Mayor of West Sacramento, making him the longest-serving Mayor in the city's history. He is also the first Mayor of West Sacramento to be directly elected by voters. Before becoming Mayor, Mayor Cabaldon served on the West Sacramento City Council and was Vice Chancellor of the California Community College System. Under his leadership, the city has seen a significant drop in crime and received recognitions for environmental sustainability.  


Mayor Megan Barry

City of Nashville, TN

Megan Barry was elected the first female Mayor of Nashville in 2015. Prior to running for Mayor, Mayor Barry served as a Metropolitan Councilwoman At-Large for two terms. During her time on the Council, she helped advance a progressive, pro-business agenda and maintained a 100% approval rating from the Chamber of Congress throughout her tenure. Unemployment and poverty rates have dropped since Mayor Barry took office. She also introduced a youth employment initiative called Opportunity Now with the goal of creating 100,000 jobs and paid internships for the city's youth.


Mayor Andrew Gillum

City of Tallahassee, FL

Andrew Gillum was sworn in as Mayor of Tallahassee in 2014. First elected to the Tallahassee City Commission in 2003 at age 23, he is the youngest person to ever serve as a commissioner in the city. Gillum has a record of dedicated service and was responsible for introducing a number of community enrichment projects during his eleven years as a city commissioner. In his first year as Mayor, he held the Mayor's Summit on Children to educate business and community leaders about the importance of investing in early childhood education. He also launched a 1,000 Mentors Initiative to recruit diverse mentors and expand mentorship opportunities in Tallahassee for children in need. Mayor Gillum is the former Director of Youth Leadership Programs for People For the American Way Foundation.


Mayor Steve Fulop

City of Jersey City, NJ

Steven Fulop was elected Mayor of Jersey City in 2013 following an eight-year career on the Jersey City Council. His progressive leadership opened a new chapter for Jersey City, which has enjoyed record economic development since his election. He also led Jersey City to become the first city in the state (and just the sixth in the country) to ensure paid sick leave for employees. Mayor Fulop is a first-generation American and former Marine who left a career at Goldman Sachs to serve in the military following the 9/11 attacks.


Mayor Setti Warren, Treasurer

City of Newton, MA

Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, MA has spent more than two decades in public service. He was first elected Mayor in 2009, after completing a yearlong tour of duty in Iraq as a Navy Intelligence Specialist. Mayor Warren previously served as the New England Director of FEMA and as a Special Assistant in the Clinton White House, where he worked to bring diverse groups together to advance the President's agenda. As Mayor, he has developed long-term initiatives focused on improving housing, transportation, and income inequality. Mayor Warren was born in Newton and lives in the house he grew up in.