The National Conference of Democratic Mayors  (NCDM) is a forum created in the 1970’s to give Democratic Mayors a place to reflect their own unique views and objectives as the leaders of American cities. The NCDM’s mission is to:

  • Serve as the structure through which Mayors who subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party can communicate and promote the goals of the party as they relate to cities;
  • Act as a liaison between the nation’s Democratic Mayors, the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic Organizations; and
  • Create a political network of Mayors to affect local, state, and national elections and to aid in the reelection of incumbent Mayors who are members of the Democratic Party.


  • Email Newsletters featuring Talking Points, Democratic Mayors at Work, Best Practices, and More!  
  • Website- www.DemocraticMayors.org


  • Policy Discussion at national NCDM meetings held twice a year in conjunction with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Regional Policy Forums and Policy Sessions on issues including Mortgage Foreclosures, Transportation, and Public Safety.
  • Talking points on key political issues of national and local significance
  • Opportunities to engage with Democratic Leadership on urban policy 



Mayor Sly James, President

City of Kansas City, MO



Mayor Nan Whaley, Vice President

City of Dayton, OH



Mayor Eric Garcetti, Vice President

City of Los Angeles, CA



Mayor Michael Hancock, Vice President

City of Denver, CO



Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, Vice President

City of West Sacramento, CA


Mayor Setti Warren, Treasurer/National Finance Chair

City of Newton, MA



Mayor Andrew Gillum

City of Tallahassee, FL


Mayor Steve Fulop

City of Jersey City, NJ


Mayor Megan Barry

City of Nashville, TN